Feature: VIFF 2011

The Vancouver International Film Festival happens every fall, beginning in late September and running through mid October. This year, the festival kicks off September 29 and wraps up on October 14. Like any other film festival, the selection is vast and is a great chance to check out something other than the average box office Hollywood blockbuster.

First Outing

My first experience with VIFF happened in 2006 when the Pixies’ documentary loudQUIETloud was playing. I bought a ticket and remember standing in a line-up in the rain. outside the theatre on Granville Street. Not a lot of my friends at the time liked or knew who the Pixies were so I ended up going by myself. I don’t know what it was but maybe it was my inner desire to be an old soul that made me feel comfortable standing among the crowd of late twenty and thirty-something year olds. Whatever it was, I enjoyed it and decided VIFF needed to be a regular thing in my life.

Last Year

In 2010, I saw Xavier Dolan’s Les amours imaginaires. I arrived late and ended up taking a seat over to the side. The view itself wasn’t that bad but because I was late, I was stuck sitting behind someone — which obstructed my view of the subtitles. I speak French but it’s been awhile and I’m rusty so every scenes, I had to crane my neck to check and see if I had gotten the meaning right on a couple lines of dialogue. You can read my review of that film here.

Coming Up

This year, I’ll be seeing two films. The first is Happy, Happy, a Norwegian film directed by Anne Sewitzky and starring Agnes Kittelsen, Joachim Rafaelsen, Maibritt Saerens and Henrik Rafaelsen. It’s a comedy about two couples and what happens when they begin comparing their lives and wondering about the greener grass on the other side of the fence. The fact that the film takes place during Christmas doesn’t hurt either. If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for holiday films.

The second is Like Crazy, a film about a British student who falls in love while studying in America but is then sent back to the UK. The storyline sounded really cliche when I first heard of the film, which stars Anton Yelchin, but after I watched the trailer a couple times, I started to appreciate the conflict and the difficulties the characters are faced with. Who knows? Maybe I’ll watch and still be severely disappointed but I guess we’ll find out.

There’s a couple of other films I’m thinking of checking out but in the mean time, keep posted for my reviews of those two films later in October. I highly recommend you take a look through the film guide and see if anything catches your eye. There’s a film for everyone in pretty much any language you want, in any genre you’d like.

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